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Mara Brown

Executive Coaching/Executive Transition

Accomplished, Influential & Extraordinary Executive Coach

Mara Brown specializes in training, motivating, coaching and inspiring senior executives to reach their greatest performance excellence in a corporate environment.  (Her specialty is VP to C-level executives.)  She also works with successful entrepreneurs taking them to new heights, and with celebrities to help them be all they desire to be and achieve.  And Mara always helps people not only live their lives with greater success, but also with joy, balance, meaning and significance.

With her M.B.A. in Marketing and Organizational Development and her B.A. in Psychology she specializes in empowering her clients to be the best they can be and achieve extraordinarily high levels of success, excellence and find deeper levels of fulfillment in every area of their lives.  Mara Brown excels at her one-on-one private and exclusive Executive Coaching sessions, specializing in:

  • Executive Transition / Outplacement
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Team Building
  • Communication Skills
  • Image Management
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Business Building
  • Change Management
  • Harmonious Conflict Resolution

Mara Brown helps organizations and their people increase their enthusiasm, influence, productivity and success by incorporating a unique blend of many disciplines, practices, schools of thought and intuition to deliver powerful and lasting results to her clients. Join the select group of companies, executives, celebrities, entrepreneurs and others that are enjoying new levels of success, productivity, happiness, balance and fulfillment.
Mara Brown is also a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and a television personality. She hosts and produces the television show, LIVING YOUR DREAMS and is the best-selling author of four self help books – LANDING ON YOUR FEET, SOARING TO SUCCESS, THE INTERIOR CASTLE, and WHAT NOW…THE ROAD FROM SUCCESS TO SIGNIFICANCE. She has touched, motivated, transformed and inspired the lives of thousands of people around the world by empowering people to live their best lives, and by helping companies enjoy success they may only have dreamed of. No matter what your goals, company objectives, and dreams are … to be the best … hire the best. Everyone has incredible potential within them. Mara will help to unleash that brilliance and let people shine and work together harmoniously for your common purpose.

Don’t put off achieving your company’s best performance and success and supporting your highest performing executives to become even better!


  • Activision
  • Allergan
  • The Annenberg Foundation
  • Cheesecake Factory
  • City Of Hope
  • CW Network
  • FOX Sports
  • FOX Television
  • Hilton Hotels
  • IMAX
  • Mattel
  • NBC/Universal
  • Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
  • Raytheon
  • Reed Publications (Variety Magazine)
  • Taco Bell
  • Univision
  • Warner Bros.
  • WellPoint


Client Endorsements:

I worked with Mara when I left a Vice President role in a large defense conractor company. Mara helped me to explore and decide what I really wanted in my next position and then guided me towards getting it. I eventually decided to start a succesful consultancy businesss. Mara was extremely helpful in helping me explore first of all my personal strengths and barriers to success, keep a very positive attitude and look at things from new  angles. Mara's experience in executive transitions from changing jobs, to pursuing new opportunities, to exploring entirely new avenues of personal success and satisfaction proved priceless to me.  I consider Mara a consumate professional and a friend. - Brian White (SVP Systems Engineering and R&D)

I highly recommend Mara for help with major work/life transitions. When I met her, one phase of my life was ending (early retirement from 30 years in one industry, at the same time my son left for college) and I had no clue what might
come after. Mara was great in helping me think through what I wanted to do and be next. It worked out great...I've transitioned to an entirely-unforeseen career that I am enjoying immensly and it has the potential for another 30-year run!
- Ken Sparrow

Hiring Mara Brown to coach my senior executives and myself was one of the best decisions I ever made. Our client presentations are more powerful and we function much better as a team. Her brilliant direction, insights, recommendations and exercises have made each of us more productive, effective, successful and happy ˆ not only at work but in our personal lives as well. I strongly recommend her. Thank you Mara! - David Dunlap (CEO Impact Capital)

I hired Mara to become a better public speaker. I used to be terrified to talk in front of a group of people. Now, when I speak, I really enjoy myself and I often receive standing ovations. But the added bonus is that I also understand myself better as a person, businessman, father and husband. I am happier and more fulfilled and have worked through the conflict within myself that used to plague me. She is unique in her field and I enthusiastically recommend her.
- Robert Dowling - Editor-In-Chief/Publisher, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

I hired Mara to improve my leadership and communication skills.  I also got an image makeover, the confidence to speak like a pro in public and that has taken my career to the level I’ve always wanted to achieve but had been alluding me.  She is wonderful to work with! - Michael Sullivan (CEO)

Mara has helped my sales team improve their sales, their confidence and their enjoyment at the job! We got more than we bargained for and we all are grateful! - Erin Sullivan - Sales Manager, GMC Television

Mara has helped me to become a better leader and achieve great success in my career and the positive changes are also impacting my personal life. I came to Mara for help in one area – but got my entire life to a place of joy and fulfillment. What a gift!
-Sandra Grey (Entrepreneur)

Mara has served as an executive coach and consultant for me over the past year and I am enormously the better for it! She's a renown expert in the coaching field - she's written books and regularly appears on T.V. She's insightful and direct, which has been greatly valuable to me. She's an experienced expert and it shows. I enthusiastically recommend her. If you are considering Mara as a coach or consultant, I highly recommend her. She has a wonderful and unique style and approach.
- Edward Monarch (Vice President, General Counsel / Chief Compliance Officer)