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Mara Brown - Host / Producer



LIVING YOUR DREAMS is a television talk show that is inspiring, informative, motivating and entertaining. The format is interview style and runs a half hour long with no commercial interruptions. The show is now in its 8th season, airing in Los Angeles on the local cable station three times a week.  (Check your local listing for times.)  The show reaches approximately 500,000 people across Los Angeles. The audience demographics are: male and female, 25 - 55, mid to upper income levels, and mostly college educated.

On set with Prince Ali

On set with Dannion Brinkley

LIVING YOUR DREAMS aims to empower, educate, entertain, and motivate its audience, inspiring people to live their best lives.  Mara Brown is the Host, Writer, and Producer of the show. She is a well-known and in-demand Executive, Celebrity, and Life Coach, Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, and a Corporate Consultant.  Her lively, entertaining, warm and motivational style attracts interesting and stimulating guests such as: Dannion Brinkley - in photo - (best-selling author of “Saved By The Light”), Daryl McDaniels (DMC from Legendary Rap Group RUN DMC), Karen Berg (founder of opening up the Kabbalah for all to study and author of “God Wears Lipstick”), Sondra Ray (best-selling author of over 16 self-help books), Dr. Mick Hall, (President of Living Energy, Peter Sterling, (composer & musician of New Age/Healing music), Thom Knoles (meditation teacher/guru), Dr. Nathan Newman (founder/creator of the Stem Cell Face Lift), Baroness Kimberly Moore (founder of the “Adopt-A-Letter” program), Elizabeth DeVries (astrologer for “Venice Magazine”), Prince Ali (yes, a real Prince), as well as physical fitness trainers, financial experts, actors and singers. The son of Mel Torme - James Torme and his band performed live on the show, as did the grandson of Bing Crosby - Phil Crosby Jr.  Both the guests and its viewers love this show!  Tune in and be inspired!

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with Peter Sterling (Music Producer)

Mara also hosted, wrote and produced two internet Radio Talk shows.  “Success and Significance” profiled interesting and successful guests about their views about Success and Significance.  At the end of each show Mara would offer some Success Tips.  (Please click below to listen to a show.)  The other show was called “What The World Needs Now” and highlighted people making a difference in their communities and in the world.