Yes you can live the life of your dreams!

Mara Brown

Best-Selling Author

WHAT NOW... The Road from Success to Significance

Are you a "success" but somehow feel empty? Do you feel a nagging ache for something deeper? Are you so driven that nothing feels like it is enough? Are you wondering what to do now that you have acheived and even exceeded your goals? Perhaps it's time to write the the next chapter in your life? One of self-enrichment or awakening; a time when knowledge turns into wisdom and your experience and skills turn into deeper gifts and talents. Take this journey with your guide Mara Brown along the road from Success to Significance and watch your life become more fulfilled, happy and meaningful.


How To Succeed In Any Economy

A career and life enhancement and empowerment manual. It will lift you up and guide you to your own success and fulfillment – no matter what the economy is doing. You can succeed and have your dreams come true in any economy! This book will show you how. It is written in a direct, practical, emotionally pleasing and uplifting style. It guides you to focus on the opportunities inherent in challenges and helps you find your own personal success, happiness and fulfillment in your career and in your life.


Finding Spirituality In Your Everyday Life

The premise of “THE INTERIOR CASTLE…Finding Spirituality In Your Everyday Life”, is that ‘The Kingdom’ is within. It is within our own hearts and souls. The book uses the castle/kingdom metaphor throughout … There are foundations of the castle to examine (the principals upon which the book is based), moats to cross (our defense mechanisms we build around ourselves), and dragons to face (our fears), before one can enter the castle. Once inside, each room of the castle is a spiritual quality. At the end of each chapter there is a list of exercises and practical ways to put that particular spiritual quality to work in our everyday lives. It opens with an introduction and closes with a conclusion and a 31-day plan to put the spiritual principals to work in our everyday lives.


An Inspirational Guide To Surviving, Coping, and Prospering From Job Loss

Landing on Your Feet is a soup-to-nuts manual on how to turn the loss of your job into an opportunity. It covers everything from dealing with your emotions to practical issues to self-empowerment strategies and tools. It is like a wise, supportive coach that offers practical advice, support, guidance and unique strategies for success. It prods you to think, pushes you to act and motivates you to achieve. No matter what life has thrown your way. Landing On Your Feet is also full of exercises to guide you through difficult transitional times, help you deal with your powerful emotions and ease your anguish.
Landing On Your Feet has sold worldwide, including in countries as diverse as Taiwan and Australia. It is also translated into Chinese and Korean.