SOARING TO SUCCESS…How To Succeed In Any Economy

From the author of the best-selling book, LANDING ON YOUR FEET comes Mara Brown’s next motivational self-help book … SOARING TO SUCCESS…How To Succeed In Any Economy!

SOARING TO SUCCESS is a career and life enhancement and empowerment manual. It will lift you up and guide you to your own success and fulfillment – no matter what the economy is doing. You can succeed and have your dreams come true in any economy! This book will show you how. It is written in a direct, practical, emotionally pleasing and uplifting style. It guides you to focus on the opportunities inherent in challenges and helps you find your own personal success, happiness and fulfillment in your career and in your life. This book is very positive; yet practical. It offers real life stories of inspiration and hope and information and exercises that will teach you new and important tools to find your own fulfillment. It allays the fears and anxieties that are prevalent, directs us to find our passions to ultimately create a successful, joy-filled life, while guiding us through life’s inherent ups and downs in an empowering way. SOARING TO SUCCESS is inspirational to everyone that reads it. This book truly changes lives. It can change yours.

SOARING TO SUCCESS is written with an inspired heart and a motivated mind. It is uplifting and gives us all hope. It offers a practical step-by-step plan to make each of our careers and our lives more successful, happier and more fulfilled. In a time when America so desperately needs hope, inspiration and how to go about finding it, this book is a bright light. It is like the desert traveler’s first drink of refreshing cold water after a long and difficult journey. It is the oasis in the desert. We are all on our own journeys. This is a very important time in our individual and collective lives when we thirst for inspiration, hope and understanding. Mara Brown will take you along a journey through self-discovery, growth, and personal awareness, to find career and life fulfillment. Brown covers such topics as self analysis, defining what success means, communication, interpersonal and motivational tools, negotiation strategies, how to find your dream job, what to do (emotionally and practically) if you lose your job, how, when and if to start your own business, new information about wealth, health and creativity, how to manage and overcome fear, and where the best opportunities are in our new economy. This book offers it all in one place in an emotionally uplifting and embracing manner. She gives you real and practical tools. Not fluff. We all need something tangible to hold on to, to use as our buoy in the ocean, that will pull us back to shore…to solid ground.

SOARING TO SUCCESS is written in an easy-to-read, friendly, uplifting style by an author who has been through it all. She is a successful coach, author, speaker and radio and television talk show host. Mara Brown takes us on a magical journey to find the peace, success, happiness, fulfillment and meaning we all crave in our careers and in our lives.