THE INTERIOR CASTLE…Finding Spirituality In Your Everyday Life

This is an interesting time. We are searching for meaning in our lives, searching for ways to understand and fill the empty holes we may feel in our lives, searching for answers. So many of us are hurting inside. We are questioning our beliefs, our values and what our lives mean. We are trying to discover just what we stand for. Many of us sense that we want to change and improve our lives. We just don’t know how. Our foundations have shifted. We are unsteady and uncertain. In our quest to make sense of our lives, of war, of the escalating violence we are facing within our own country, of the threat of terrorist attacks, of our uneasy sense of isolation and meaninglessness, many people are turning to religion; yet they are finding it lacking. People are trying to find faith, stability, and God in their lives but they don’t know where to look or how to find it.

More and more people are starting to search for new ways to make their lives better, fuller and more meaningful. And some people have been catapulted into their search based on personal tragedy. Some people have been pushed into looking for answers, looking to ease their pain … looking for something to believe in, somewhere to put their faith. We all need a roadmap and are thirsting for an easy-to-read, down-to-earth, relevant and accessible book to help us heal, make sense of the world and find meaning and fulfillment in our lives. We want to know how to find peace in our own lives, in the world, and how to bring greater sense and meaning into our day-to-day lives.

We are thirsting to make OUR lives better NOW. This book will quench our thirst like no other. THE INTERIOR CASTLE will give us the answers, comfort and tools we need to start to heal their lives. This is a critical time. We need to wake up and learn how to find THE INTERIOR CASTLE within each of us. THE INTERIOR CASTLE will shift the paradigm of how we see ourselves, our relationships, our lives and our relationship to God (or a higher power). This book truly helps to transform, heal and uplift the world – one heart and mind at a time. There can be peace on earth when there is peace in each of our hearts. Mara Brown’s goal is nothing less.

The premise of "THE INTERIOR CASTLE…Finding Spirituality In Your Everyday Life”, is that ‘The Kingdom’ is within. It is within our own hearts and souls.

The book uses the castle/kingdom metaphor throughout … There are foundations of the castle to examine (the principals upon which the book is based), moats to cross (our defense mechanisms we build around ourselves), and dragons to face (our fears), before one can enter the castle. Once inside, each room of the castle is a spiritual quality. At the end of each chapter there is a list of exercises and practical ways to put that particular spiritual quality to work in our everyday lives. It opens with an introduction and closes with a conclusion and a 31-day plan to put the spiritual principals to work in our everyday lives. This book is not about religion. It is for people of all, any, or no religious beliefs. It can ease our pain, lessen our sorrow, take away our fears and soften our anger. THE INTERIOR CASTLE will answer our questions and will help us heal every area of our lives. It is Mara Brown’s deepest desire to make a real difference in the lives of those who read this book, and thus help to heal the world. One heart and soul at a time.