An Inspirational Guide To Surviving, Coping, and Prospering From Job Loss

"Landing On Your Feet...An Inspirational Guide To Surviving, Coping, and Prospering From Job Loss" is a soup-to-nuts manual on how to turn the loss of your job into an opportunity. It covers everything from dealing with your emotions to practical issues to self-empowerment strategies and tools. It is like a wise, supportive coach that offers practical advice, support, guidance and unique strategies for success. It prods you to think, pushes you to act and motivates you to achieve. No matter what life has thrown your way. Landing On Your Feet is also full of exercises to guide you through difficult transitional times, help you deal with your powerful emotions and ease your anguish. It will enable you to emerge from a traumatic period in your life as a happier and more fulfilled person. Landing On Your Feet takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery that mines the unexplored and untapped potential in each of us, to discover options that we may never have known existed. This leads the reader to find happiness and fulfillment in his or her career and in life. The premise of Landing On Your Feet is that losing your job can be the best thing that ever happened to you. You have been given the opportunity to learn, grow and develop yourself, and reach levels of happiness and success you never thought was possible. Landing On Your Feet will make going through the loss of your job easier for you. Mara Brown's hope is that it will also motivate and inspire you to achieve all that you ever dreamed of and win in the game of life. You deserve it and you can do it.

Landing On Your Feet has sold worldwide, including in countries as diverse as Taiwan and Australia. It is also translated into Chinese and Korean.